Newhouse Student Films – Multimedia Storytelling Spring 2016

Several of our InclusiveU students were profiled by a Newhouse multimedia storytelling class this Spring as a final assignment. The experience culminated in a screening of the final films with the class, the subjects and many supporters of our program. The audience was moved to tears and felt that the films wonderfully captured the spirit of our students and the InclusiveU initiative. Film creators and participants equally agreed that it was an eye-opening and enriching experience for them here at SU.

We invite you to take a look, please click on the photos below to view videos:

catroppathumbnail Chris Catroppa: “One of things I want to do with martial arts, I’d like to take what he’s taught me, Sifu Eric, and put it in my own martial arts school, but also use it for movies, and for teaching kids who have been bullied, or are being harassed by corrupt parents, or corrupt teachers.”

Kristen Webb: As part of the Project SEARCH program, Kristen has interned at the campus bookstore and the fitness center. This piece beautifully demonstrates the positive impact the internships have had on her, and also on those around her.

Jonathan Rushmore: “I’m in the InclusiveU program, basically doing classes like everybody else, just modified. I love working with other people with disabilities because I get an enjoyment out of it and I get to see somebody else’s dreams come alive.”

Frankie Reale: “I would want to be a firefighter, or work with Syracuse, maybe like be the assistant manager on the team. I take a nutrition class, and a painting class. After those classes I usually go to the gym and shoot hoops after, and lift weights.”

Matt Taylor:  When Matt finds something he’s interested in, he spends a lot of time researching it. He’s hard-working, a dedicated learner, and has done well in high-level IT courses at SU. “I just love taking photos, I started with a 35 millimeter and then eventually switched into using digital cameras. “

Christine Slivinski: “I’ve been at Syracuse – this is my second year.  At Syracuse, I go to class. My class is in Film and Society. And my major will be in culinary arts. And I love it. Last semester I got to cook. I do enjoy cooking but crocheting is also a hobby of mine”

Delvon Waller: Through the Peer-to-Peer program, Delvon has made deep friendships with his Peer Partners, who are matriculated students at SU. This profile focuses on how his personality has altered his partners’ perceptions of people with disabilities.