Our Philosophy

InclusiveU advocates for students with intellectual disabilities having options when they access higher education, so they can always find something that’s right for them, in the place where they want to live, taking courses that matter to them and their career. InclusiveU is also about improving higher education through greater intellectual diversity – including people with labels of intellectual disabilities (who are actually quite capable of being intellectual). InclusiveU is also about building higher expectations for higher education – a team effort for all of us, whether you are a student, parent, teacher, professional, or professor.


Self-Advocacy is learning your rights, where you can find information that can help you, and who around you can help, and then making your own decisions about your life and making sure you are heard. (Read more about Self Advocacy)

Universal Design

Universal Design is an approach to developing class instruction that plans ahead for the differences of learners, benefiting not just learners with disabilities, but all students in the classroom. (Read more about Universal Design)

Disability Rights

It’s important to know what legal rights a person with disabilities has, what laws have been put in place to give you these rights, and what you can do to help the disability rights movement. (Read more about Disability Rights)

Person-Centered Planning

Person-centered planning is working with a group of people you care about and trust to make decisions about school, work, dreams, fears, and long-term plans. (Read more about Person-Centered Planning)