SeminarBecause InclusiveU students are not enrolled full time and do not live on campus, they have limited opportunities to make connections with their peers at Syracuse University. We are looking for students who are willing to support their peers with intellectual and developmental disabilities in becoming a fuller part of the campus community, and InclusiveU students who are willing to teach as well as learn.

Peer2Peer (P2P) is an amazing way for students from all areas of campus to make new friends and share the SU experience. Typically, matriculated students are paired with non-matriculated InclusiveU students to spend time together on campus socializing, grabbing coffee, working out, and participating in campus activities. Peer2Peer students are made up of:

  • OnCampus students: Through a partnership with the Syracuse City School District, these students audit SU classes and participate in InclusiveU programs.
  • ACCESS students: These non-matriculated InclusiveU students have finished high school and are auditing courses in a specific discipline (art, political science, etc.) to earn a certificate through University College. They attend classes at various times on the main campus and are supported by staff from Onondaga Community Living.
  • Transition Program students: InclusiveU students who are auditing SU classes through University College and participating in campus activities and seminars are part of the general transition program.
  • Matriculated students: These SU students have graduated from high school and are enrolled in degree programs in many different schools at Syracuse University.