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Program Guidelines:yusuf

  • Commitment to diversity
  • Students with moderate to high support needs working toward an IEP diploma
  • Minimally, two years in the program
  • Demonstrated commitment for the student and family to fully participate in the program (e.g., regular attendance)
  • Students from all five SHS represented in an equitable way
  • Age appropriate with OnCampus peers (18-21)

How students are selected for OnCampus:

Students in the OnCampus program must be residents of the City of Syracuse and attending one of the four Syracuse City high schools. They need to be transition age (18-21), planning to graduate with their same age peers at their high schools and prepared to fully participate in the program for a minimum of two years.

The Syracuse City School District employs a Transition Coordinator and Special Education liaisons who are in contact with high school special education students and teachers throughout the school year. Referrals for incoming OnCampus students come through these individuals when student program reviews occur in February, March and April. A parent or teacher may also request their child to be included in the OnCampus program.

School Year Schedule:

OnCampus students attend classes at SU beginning the last week in August and running three semesters through the end of June. Using the SU Schedule of Classes as our guide, students attend the same number of school days (180) as the public schools but have a slightly different vacation schedule. Transportation to and from SU is provided the Syracuse City School District. In the event of a snow day when Syracuse City schools are closed, the OnCampus program is closed. The OnCampus program is also closed for national holidays. Students who are eligible for 12-month programming must register for Summer School through the Special Education Department for programming through July. The OnCampusprogram does not have a summer component at this time.

OnCampus/SU Student Partnerships:

OnCampus students meet with matriculated SU students each week through on-going partnerships established at the beginning of each semester through the Peer-to-Peer program. Each OnCampus student has four or five SU partners. The SU students typically come from two undergraduate special education courses. OnCampus and SU students meet each week for two hours throughout the course of the semester. Some of the activities that students do together include: having lunch, working out in the gym, studying, playing card games, visiting museums, cooking, doing arts and crafts, taking photographs, having picnics, etc. SU students are required to submit weekly journal entries reflecting on what they are learning about their partner’s experience being on campus. There is less emphasis placed on the specific activities that partners do each week and more emphasis placed on spending time together in ways that foster mutual learning of each others experience as college students.

Why “OnCampus”?

Syracuse University and Syracuse Public Schools have a long history of cooperative efforts on the forefront of innovative practices for educating students with disabilities. Each were early leaders in the school inclusion movement. OnCampus is the next logical step in the progression. As people with disabilities increasingly move into work, social, and recreational community settings alongside their neighbors, it is critical that individuals have opportunities to learn about and from each other. OnCampus participants gain experience in advocating for and designing supports that allow full participation for all community members.

IPad Agreement for OnCampus students

Hints for Supporting OnCampus students