Beth Myers guest edits special issue of TASH Connections

TASH Connections

Beth Myers, executive director of the Taishoff Center for Inclusive Higher Education, recently guest edited a special issue of TASH Connections on Post-Secondary Education and Self-Advocacy. This issue of TASH Connections highlights the voices of self-advocates, sometimes alongside their friends and colleagues, who share their stories of attending college across the world. Over the past several years, post-secondary education has become an increasingly viable option for students labeled with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The opportunities provided by inclusive college programming are numerous and growing. This issue leaves readers with a breadth of qualitative data demonstrating the power of post-secondary education for students with disabilities.


  • A Journey from College to Activism | By Gísli Björnsson and Ragnar Smárason
  • Citizens of Higher Education: An Inclusive College Course on Disability Rights, Self-Advocacy, and Citizenship | By Theresa Clark, Josh Howard, and Ashley Taylor
  • “In my SU life, I am happy” The Social Media Representations of a First-Year Student in Inclusive Higher Education | By Cleo Cornelius Hamilton, with Katherine M.J. Vroman and Beth A. Myers
  • Connecting Through Art | By Matti Poole
  • The Muse of Love | By John Smyth
  • Trish and Antonio’s journey: Creating friendship through peer engagement on campus | By Patricia Walsh and Antonio Reyes

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