• 2017 State of the Art Conference on Higher Education and Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities – Taishoff Center is proud to host this year’s conference at Syracuse University
  • Association on Higher Education And Disability (AHEAD)– An organization for professionals working in college disability services offices. Includes information and research about disability services.
  • Postsecondary Education Programs Network (PEPNet)– A network of four regional centers across the United States, providing information and resources about deaf and hard-of-hearing students in higher education. The website also offers free online trainings to assist deaf and hard-of-hearing students in preparing for college.
  • HEATH Resource Center – An online clearinghouse of information for college students with disabilities
  • College Navigator – The US Department of Education website for students who are choosing a college or applying for financial aid. After 2011, the website will also include information about colleges’ disability services offices.
  • Autistic Self Advocacy Network -Works to educate communities, support self-advocacy in all its forms, and improve public perceptions of autism. ASAN’s members and supporters include Autistic adults and youth, cross-disability advocates, and non-autistic family members, professionals, educators, and friends.
  • Affordable – Resource guide on Scholarships and Financial Aid available to students with Disabilities
  • PACER Center – An organization for parents, run by parents of children with disabilities.Includes  publications and resources related to transition planning for life after high school, including college.
  • National Center on Secondary Education and Transition – A national center with information about the transition to life after high school. Includes resources for students, parents, and professionals.
  • VSA Arts – A national organization with many state chapters, VSA promotes disability and the arts, and offers competitions and opportunities for college students with disabilities who are also artists.
  • Think College! – Promotes college options for people with significant intellectual and developmental disabilities.
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