Please note that all of these videos have closed captioning, but most do not have audio description.

  • Redefining Inclusion – Taishoff Center and Syracuse University Los Angeles hosted two screening of Dan Habib’s Intelligent Lives documentary trailer, followed by panels focusing on disability in education (San Francisco) and disability in media (Los Angeles).
  • All of Us – A video by the Taishoff Center for Inclusive Higher Education at Syracuse University, promoting the idea of higher education for people with significant intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Aimee Mullins and Her Twelve Pairs of Legs – This video shows Aimee Mullins, athlete and model, talking about her twelve pairs of prosthetic legs. She discusses how her ability to see past traditional ideas about accommodations, disability, and prosthetics changed her attitude (and the attitudes of others) about what it means to have a disability and be disabled.
  • Universal Learning Design: Empowering the Next Generation – Kurzeweil software is designed for people with disabilities, to assist with reading printed text out loud. In this video, students, staff, and faculty at Laney College in California discuss the ways they use Kurzweil to improve learning for all students – universally designed learning.
  • Crip Culture Montage – Part of disability studies and disability community is the idea of “attitude” – of defying stereotypes of people with disabilities as weak, passive, or “not normal.” This video has a clips of various videos and commercials from the US and UK that show the possibility for people with disabilities. Warning: some strong language and adult themes.
  • A Credo for Support – A video by Norman Kunc and Emma Van der Klift, featuring self-advocates with disabilities reading “A Credo for Support” demanding supports and rights.
  • ThinkCollege Documentary – A brief look at the ways that some colleges are becoming more inclusive by enrolling students with intellectual disabilities and the impacts of those efforts.