We are excited to announce the following InclusiveU Seminars will begin the week of January 22, 2018. These seminars are open to all InclusiveU students including Access, OnCampus, Project SEARCH interns, Campus Mentors and Peer-2-Peer Partners, and matriculated SU students. Seminars are offered weekly and you are encouraged to attend as many different ones as possible. Click here for additional seminar guidelines.

There will also be occasional, one-time seminars offered by students throughout the semester, called Topics in College Living. We will email you when we add new ones.

Current Seminar Topics:

  • Get Involved! Discover student organizations and activities at SU. Facilitated by Sam Roux.
  • My Stories with Photography and Video: Join your friends in InclusiveU and Peer2Peer as we create pictures, videos, stories, art, songs, and much more.  This is a great way to create and share about your own experiences and the stories of your life. Facilitated by Dr. Beth Myers.
  • Positive Choices: Focuses on healthy and safe relationships. Topics covered include Relationships and self-awareness, Maturation, The Life Cycle, Sexual Health, and Being Strong, Staying Safe. Facilitated by Dee Katovitch, Bud Buckhout and Dr. Michael Gill. There are Two Levels for Positive Choices this semester. Click here for details before signing up below.
  • The Campus and You:  Hints for the classroom, self-awareness, and how to fit into academics. We will look at our strengths and develop fact sheets about ourselves. Facilitated by Bud Buckhout.
  • On the Job:  Learn job readiness skills and resume-writing skills, discuss dressing for success and work site etiquette. Topics will also include ways to successfully interview for a job, and address the concerns and questions that arise on the job site. Facilitated by Brianna Shults.
  • Healthy Cooking: Learn new techniques for healthier cooking and eating. Location will be in a prep kitchen on campus. Facilitated by Megan Cartier.
  • Making Connections: This seminar is focused on creating a space for college students to explore friendships, relationships, and peer connections. Topics explored will include managing conflicts and difficult interactions, navigating social interactions, and cultivating long-lasting, fun, fulfilling relationships. Facilitated by Cara Levine.
  • College Writing in the Digital World: Learn about techniques, tools, and technology to help you write for class–or for fun!  We will also focus on giving and receiving feedback on our writing.  Bring your devices (iPad, laptop, tablet)! Facilitated by Chelsea Mixon. View the seminar blog here.

InclusiveU Seminars Registration Spring 2018

This is your electronic registration for Spring 2018 Seminars. Please email us at if you have any questions. Thank you.
  • Personal Information

    All seminars will take place in 320 Huntington Hall unless otherwise noted. Please check all of the seminars you are registering for for the semester. We will contact you with session details. *Positive Choices Level 1 is an independent study course. Once you register you will receive materials and instructions. Levels 2 and 3 both have online components as well as the weekly meeting. Not sure which option to register for? See the Positive Choices document above.