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InclusiveU offers an internship component to help students prepare for competitive, integrated employment by totally immersing them in a work environment.

Beginning their freshman year, InclusiveU students are encouraged to participate in campus wide internships to support their transition into the workforce. In their senior year, post-college employment becomes the priority and students can continue to audit courses and/or participate in two 20 hour, semester-long internships to explore a variety of career paths and to acquire transferable and marketable job skills.

Classes and internships are fully inclusive and open to all university students. Our goal is for students to graduate with competitive, inclusive employment.

Qualifying students are placed in two semester long placements on campus in worksites that match their interests and area of study. Some of these internship sites include the campus bookstore, food services, and auxiliary services. Between placements there is a transition week, where the students and instructor review valuable job readiness skills, prepare a resume and cover letter and practice interview skills.

What’s it like to hire someone with an intellectual disability?

Courses (18 total credits at audit rate): INU 101 Internship, INU 103 Course (each semester), INU 102 Internship.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Inclusive U student poses at his internship at the S U maker spaceAre these paid internships?
    Some of the internships are paid, and some are not. This experience is specifically directed at helping the
    interns learn the complex tasks and employability skills that will increase their marketability in the
    wider community.
  • What are the eligibility criteria?
    Potential interns should be 21 years of age or older, OPWDD Waiver eligible, ACCES-VR eligible, and have the goal of integrated, competitive employment upon completing their internships. Individuals who are planning to go back to school before seeking employment should delay applying until they have finished their full time education.
  • What about individuals using Self-Directed Funds?
    Self-directed funds can be used to pay the transition program fee under IDGS, which covers the morning and afternoon class sessions, planning and advising, support from our internship and employment coordinator, and access to social and recreational activities on campus through our Peer-2-Peer project. Self-directed funds can also be used to register for internships.
  • Will interns be supervised on site?
    Interns will be supervised by department staff. Job coaches and the coordinator will rotate among internship sites during the program day. There will be no one-to-one supervision, although interns may have access to interpreters and/or direct care staff for individual needs.
  • How does this program work with ACCES-VR?
    ACCES-VR can provide job coaching supports for part of the time that the student is in the internship. The job coach and ACCES-VR coordinator work closely with SU’s Internship and Employment Coordinator. Job coaching is a separate part of the day from the transition program. ACCES-VR can also help as students enter the work world after graduation. Our team at SU can help connect you to ACCES-VR during the application process to see if you are also eligible for job coaching.

Internship Contact

Interested in applying for an internship?
Want to hire an intern for your department at Syracuse University?

Jennifer Quinn
Internship & Employment Coordinator