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Peer2Peer is an amazing way for students from all areas of campus to make new friends and share the SU experience.

Through Peer2Peer, matriculated students are paired with non-matriculated InclusiveU students to spend time together on campus socializing, grabbing coffee, working out, and participating in campus activities.

We are looking for students who want to support their peers with intellectual and developmental disabilities in becoming more active in the campus community, and InclusiveU students who are willing to teach as well as learn.

Become a Peer Partner


Peer2Peer studentsHow does it work?

Peer Partners can work together in a number of ways:

  • Social interaction, hanging out on or off campus.
  • Accessing the campus – using the libraries, fitness center, coffee shops, student centers.
  • Participating in organized activities, club meetings, and events.

Most partnerships are 1 to 1, but we also have “event” partners who are trained in Peer2Peer philosophy but aren’t able to commit to a full time partnership.

Do I have to know anything special?
Do I need to have a background in disability?

Have you ever…

  • Held a door or helped someone carry something?
  • Tried to make someone feel welcome?
  • Shown someone how to do something they have never done before, like use a cell phone, make a pizza, play a game, etc.?
  • Given someone directions to your house, to a classroom?
  • Talked to someone who communicates differently than you do, like someone who speaks another language?
  • Helped a friend with a school assignment or on the job?

Then, you have provided natural supports to include or to assist someone. Most of the time, this is what your peer will need. If partners need to know something special to support each other (like, using a communication device, iPad, or a mobility device), they may need some advice or instructions. Peer2Peer staff will help you learn anything special you need to know.

Peer partners are:

  • Agreed upon – no one is forced to participate
  • Learners – ready to help each other and talk to each other
  • Individuals – everyone has different needs and preferences
  • Reliable
  • Working together and encouraging each other’s growth

For questions about becoming a Peer, contact Marta Polosky at mapolosk@syr.edu.