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Cost & Aid

There are several payment options for InclusiveU. Most students pay through the Transition Program and are able to utilize self-direction funds through a Medicaid Waiver, while some students choose to Private Pay directly.

The InclusiveU Transition Program is billed monthly at $800 per month for the academic year. This is separate from tuition, which costs approximately $1,300 for a 3-credit audited course. We recommend budgeting around $4,000 per semester for tuition and an additional $4,000 per semester for transition program costs. Private Pay estimated costs will be similar to the Transition Program option above. If your family will be paying all costs through loans or private options, we will work directly with you on payment options.

InclusiveU Costs

Tuition, room, board, and some other fees are closely aligned with matriculated Syracuse University student rates and vary from year to year. The numbers provided are only an estimate.

If you are utilizing Medicaid Waiver self-direction funds, use this guide for a general estimate of tuition costs.

  • Tuition and Classes:
    • If you are using Medicaid Waiver self-direction funds: cost is approximately $1,300 per 3 credit course. Most students take 2-3 classes per semester.
    • If you are from out of state, using private funds, or seeking financial aid or scholarships: Full-time tuition is approximately $20,000 per year.
    • If you are using Syracuse University employee tuition benefits, please note you will still be responsible for the Transition Fee and any Support Services.
  • Transition Fee: $800/month ($8,000 per year)
  • Campus Mentor Support Services: Averages around $10,000 per year  (usually billed through Community Hab)
  • For students choosing to live on campus:
    • Room and Board: $16,000
      Residential Mentor: $9,000 (varies based on need, usually through Live In Caregiver)

If you are from out of state, using private funds, or seeking scholarships or financial aid:

  • Tuition and Fees (full time students): approx. $20,000 per year
  • Campus Mentor Support: approx. $10,000 per year for Level 1, $20,000 per year for Level 2
  • For students choosing to live on campus:
    • Room and Board: $16,000
      Residential Mentor: $9,000 (varies based on need)
  • Part time student costs may vary


This campus employment preparation program is available to students in their final year at SU. Self-direction funds can continue to be used. Tuition costs are approximately $7,500 for 18 credits per semester. Internships are 9 credits and instruction time is 9 credits each semester. Program duration is two semesters. Registration follows the same procedure.

InclusiveU Transition Program Fee Includes:

  • Advisory services and direct instruction
  • InclusiveU seminars on self-management and self-determination skills
  • Peer-2-Peer program participation
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • iPad for educational purposes
  • Most books and class materials
  • Syracuse University student activity fee
  • Program administrative fees

These costs do NOT include meals and social opportunities on campus. We recommend students budget $15-$30 per week. Also not includes is the cost for a mentor to support the student during campus activities and classes if needed; we can connect you with a matriculated SU student to serve in this role.

Parents and students who cannot afford the cost of InclusiveU should talk to their preferred local agency or vocational rehabilitation about their options; with recent changes in policies, Medicaid waivers and Self-Directed Plans can be good ways to cover all the basic costs of InclusiveU! Administrative fees are charged on a sliding scale, so please contact InclusiveU to learn more; no student will be turned away just because they are unable to pay the administrative fee.

Some organizations offer scholarships for students with Down syndrome, including