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InclusiveU seminars are open to all InclusiveU affiliated students including Access, OnCampus, interns, Campus Mentors, Peer2Peer Partners, and matriculated SU students. Seminars are offered once per week and you are encouraged to attend as many different ones as possible.

Spring seminars begin the week of January 23 unless otherwise noted:

Spring 2023 Seminar Options

Creative Art: Creativity allows students to think in flexible and imaginative ways. There are many ways to be innovative and express yourself through a variety of arts, crafts, and projects.  In this seminar we will help students find the creative outlet they enjoy best. You don’t have to be an artist to attend! Facilitated by Julia Russo, Mondays 11-11:50AM, Location TBD.

Exploring The Barnes Center: Join Sam in exploring all the state-of-the-art Barnes Center at SU has to offer. Meet Barnes Center staff as they train you on using the weight room, cardio machines, climbing wall, eSports room, Pool, and much more. Facilitated by Sam Roux, Mondays 3pm-3:50pm at the Barnes Center from 2/06/23 to 4/17/23. *This session will be capped at 12 students, with priority given to students who have not previously registered for the seminar.*

Financial Education: In this seminar, students will meet with a member of Broadview Federal Credit Union’s Financial Well-Being Team to learn about money management and will create goals for the financial future. We want students to learn the basics of money management, and have fun doing it! Students will participate in multiple interactive exercises to learn about the importance of budgeting, saving, spending, what to do with their paychecks, and more. Facilitated by Josh Jones and Broadview FCU Well-Being, Tuesdays 10-10:50am, Eggers Hall.

Personal Training Seminar: Develop your skills and knowledge of SU’s weight training and cardio equipment alongside Personal Trainers at the Barnes Center. Facilitated by Sam Roux, Tuesdays 2:30pm-3:30pm at the Barnes Center. *This session will be capped at 10 students, with priority given to students who have not previously registered for the seminar.

Positive Choices: This seminar helps inform and give students confidence with their choices. This is a required course for students during their time at InclusiveU. This course will be taught by the CAPP team from ACR Health. Over the course of the semester, instructors will be coming to in to talk about healthy relationships, boundaries, consent and sexual health. All of these topics will help you with your own personal goals as well as making positive choices! This seminar is part two of the Fall semesters Positive Choices Seminar. The same topics will be cover more in-depth. Students do not need to have taken part one to take part two. Facilitated by ACR Health, Tuesdays 11-11:50am or Wednesdays 10am-10:50am. Location TBD.

Storytelling – Discovering As We Go: Storytelling is a valuable art that extends around the world. In this seminar, students will develop their storytelling talents by applying 5 parts of storytelling (Character, Setting, Plot, Conflict, and Resolution) to create and perform (if so desire) a story for an audience. Each lesson is quite short, and they can easily be combined. This seminar will include activities and connecting through different methods of demonstrating (poetry, pictures, music, art, etc.), engaging, and expressing storytelling. Facilitated by Mercedes Cannon, Thursdays 2-2:50pm. Location TBD. 

Career Confusion?! Are you unsure of what your future will hold when you graduate from InclusiveU? Are you confused by what possible jobs are out there for you? Do you have a lot of different interests and hobbies? Join Jen as she helps you to sort through these and other questions using career planning and guiding tools. This seminar will be capped at 10 students, with priority given to InclusiveU Juniors. Facilitated by Jen Quinn, Fridays 11am-11:50am. Location TBD. 

Let’s Talk Sports: Do you like sports of all kinds? Football, basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, curling, tennis, all of the sports! Join me at this sports seminar to talk about the week’s happenings in the sports world. We’ll watch highlights from the week, talk about any news and make predictions for the upcoming week! Facilitated by TBD, Fridays 12pm-12:50pm, location TBD.

Personal Health and Safety: In this seminar we will discuss and practice decision making and basic first aid. You will learn how to identify health emergencies, who to call, and how to support people’s health and safety. Facilitated by Michele Krak, Fridays, 1pm-1:50pm. Location TBD.

(For residential students only) Life Hack: Living on campus can be fun, but it comes with responsibilities. For some of us, this is our first time with roommates, chores, and schedules. Together let’s explore these opportunities and challenges to learn for one another. Maybe you can help your friends learn something you already know. Facilitated by Bridget Fowler, Tuesday 4-5PM or Wednesday 4-5PM.

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