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InclusiveU seminars are open to all InclusiveU affiliated students including Access, OnCampus, interns, Campus Mentors and Peer2Peer Partners, and matriculated SU students. Seminars are offered once per week and you are encouraged to attend as many different ones as possible.

Fall seminars begin the week of September 6, 2021 (with none on Monday the 6th due to Labor Day)

Fall 2021 Seminar Options

Current Events: Start your week with what’s going on in the world and local areas. Students will have the opportunity to discuss, understand, and explore local, national, and international current events. Students will stay up to date on current issues and trends. We will discuss the importance of finding trustworthy news sources and how to spot fake news. Please come, prepare each class with news stories to discuss! Facilitated by Karly Grifasi and Bri Linton on Mondays at 10:30am.

Exploring The Barnes Center: Join Sam Roux in exploring all the state-of-the-art Barnes Center at SU has to offer. Meet Barnes Center staff as they train you on using the weight room, cardio machines, climbing wall, eSports room, Pool, and much more. Mondays at 3pm.

Health Matters: Exercise and nutrition are important components in helping people to gain control over their health. Having health literacy skills helps people to share personal and health information with health care providers, engage in self-care and illness management, adopt new health-promoting behaviors such as exercising or healthy eating, and act on health related news. In this seminar, students will work to understand health and exercise, and how to make decisions about their own personal wellbeing. Facilitated by Jaime Gallardo, Tuesdays at 2pm.

Creative Art: Creativity allows students to think in flexible and imaginative ways. There are a variety of ways to be innovative and express yourself through a variety of arts, crafts, and projects. In this seminar we will help students find the creative outlet they enjoy best. You don’t have to be an artist to attend! Facilitated by Marta Polosky, Thursdays 2pm.

Community Service (where I live): Explore the definition of community service, identify various forms in the Syracuse community, and develop an action plan to assist what a group is in need of and support their need. During the seminar, students will problem solve, determine personal strengths, and communicate with an agency. This will allow each student to connect with a local agency as desired by personal goals and interest level. Facilitated by Michele Krak on Fridays at 9am.

Science Experiments: Science experiments are often used to test a theory or thought. Join Andrew each week to explore a new topic, with a fun, hands-on experiment! Facilitated by Andrew Dingle, Fridays at 10am.

Creative Expression for Self-Care: Taking care of ourselves does not look the same for each individual and creativity does not just belong outside of the classroom. In this seminar, we will work together to find forms of creative expression that we most enjoy. Our goal will be to learn more about our self-expression in order to advocate for our creative needs in the classroom and find our own ideal individual ways to relax. Join Preston Arment (she/her) to engage with a variety of hands-on art projects and creative conversations that will help each of us grow on our journey to understanding creative expression. Fridays from 11am-12pm **VIRTUAL**

Inclusive Design: Explore ideas for entrepreneurship and innovation to enable and empower all people to improve quality of life, enhance independence and productivity, and ultimately benefit society. Time tbd – please register if interested and we’ll confirm with you shortly!

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