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InclusiveU Transition Program

InclusiveU provides a specialized transition program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Costs are based on your path of entry into InclusiveU. No matter how you join us, InclusiveU allows you to participate in campus life, internships, social activities, and a college certificate with an individualized curriculum according to your interests.

Transition-Specific Planning Process

Every student receives direct instruction and support in the Students Transitioning to Adult Roles (STAR) Person-Centered Planning Process. Students receive advising that mirrors typical college advising.

Inclusive Coursework of 1-3 Classes Per Semester

All InclusiveU students who complete the Transition Program receive a certificate attesting to campus-based learning and career development experience, making the certificate meaningful to potential employers. Upon program completion, InclusiveU students participate in graduation ceremonies with the School of Education.

Extended Learning Opportunities

Students receive instruction in an individualized curriculum according to their Person-Centered Planning Process based on interests, needs, and goals. Instruction is on topics such as daily living and employability skills, team building, safety, technology, communication skills, health and wellness, or community navigation.

The program provides all necessary books and materials. All InclusiveU students have access to campus technology and receive integrated instruction on its use. Most InclusiveU students are issued an iPad to use for technology integration and access if deemed an appropriate support.

Integrated Employment Preparation

In your final year of InclusiveU, participate in the job-readiness program and learn valuable employment skills. If you would like to be considered for this one-year program and you are not a current InclusiveU student, please contact Coordinator Brianna Shults at, as we are accepting applications for the Internship & Employment program on a case-by-case basis.

Students learn pre-employment skills such as writing a resumé, job-hunting, cooperating with colleagues, and performing well in job interviews. A weekly employment seminar is open to all students.

Social Support

To foster academic, social, and personal growth for students with Intellectual and developmental disabilities, InclusiveU provides peer support through Peer-2-Peer, a program that brings together traditionally enrolled students and students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Students are included in on-campus events and activities according to their interests and goals. InclusiveU students have access to all parts of campus, including fitness and recreation centers. Program costs include a prorated “student activities fee” at Syracuse University in order to access campus clubs, organizations, activities, and special events. InclusiveU students also have access to free or discounted special events much like any other college student, such as basketball games, festivals, and recreational activities.

InclusiveU students receive direct instruction through integrated sessions on social skills and responsibilities of a college student.

Self-Determination Skill Development

InclusiveU students participate in instruction in a variety of self-management and adaptive skills, such as locating information, listening, teamwork, and applied technology. Students receive instruction in self-advocacy skills and opportunities to work with other students and community members on self-advocacy efforts. Students receive instruction on self-determination skills that will help them transition to more independent lives in the community after graduation.

Transition Support for Individuals and Families

InclusiveU offers integrated communication and trainings for parents and families throughout each student’s program at InclusiveU. InclusiveU Advisors work with an individual’s community support providers (MSC, Broker, FI, Community Habilitation, etc.) to maximize transition success.

Peer Mentors

Social, recreational, and personal skills support through Peer-2-Peer, a program that matches matriculated Syracuse University students with non-matriculated InclusiveU students.

The Taishoff Center is able to coordinate mentoring and assistance during class and throughout campus provided by matriculated Syracuse University students. The Peer Mentor program is an optional service available through a collaboration with our community partner, The Kelberman Center,