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Beth Myers, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Taishoff Center for Inclusive Higher Education

Dr. Beth Myers is the Executive Director of the Taishoff Center and the Lawrence B. Taishoff Professor of Inclusive Education in the School of Education at Syracuse University, teaching in the Inclusive Elementary and Special Education Program and leading graduate students in a Special Education Consultant internship program. Beth holds degrees in Elementary Education, Special Education, and Literacy from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania. Professor Myers taught in the Lower Merion School District in Pennsylvania and helped to create a best-practice inclusive program there. She opened a regional center for autism services in 2006 and served as Executive Director before joining the center’s consultation team in 2011.

Professor Myers has created dozens of programs with individuals and families, including the Advancement Square group for adults with developmental disabilities, The Teen Project for adolescents, the Awesome Summer Days program for school-age children, and the SAIL Supported Adult Independent Living program. Beth holds a dual appointment with the Kelberman Center for Autism Services as Director of Special Projects. She has provided school consultations for students with autism and staff development to over 50 school districts. Additionally, Professor Myers has been the faculty liaison to the Syracuse City School District for the SUITR Program, a Master’s Residency program in Urban Special Education. Professor Myers has conducted research to study the autobiographical works of adolescents with autism, which won the 2012 Ralph C. Preston Award for Scholarship and Teaching Contributing to Social Justice and Educational Equity.